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Meet Dina & Mita
February 5, 2024   Danny Ramirez, Video

Sneak peek at this year’s Doritos Super Bowl Commercial featuring Danny and Jenna Ortega!

Emilia Jones & ‘Winner’ Cast on Telling “Coming-of-Age Story” About Reality Winner
January 21, 2024   Danny Ramirez, Press, Projects, Video, Winner

‘Chestnut’ Official Trailer
September 21, 2023   Chestnut, Danny Ramirez, Projects, Video

Video: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Official Trailer

Season 6 of Black Mirror streams June 15th on Netflix.

5 ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Titles Revealed

Netflix released five episode titles for the sixth season of Black Mirror. “Mazey Day” follows a troubled star (Zazie Beets) who’s being dogged by invasive paparazzi while dealing with the consequences of a hit-and-run incident.

Video: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Teaser

Netflix just released the teaser trailer for the sixth season of Black Mirror, which Danny will be appearing in its first episode. The 6th season is due to stream in June.

Video: ‘Stars at Noon’ Official Trailer
September 29, 2022   Danny Ramirez, Projects, Stars at Noon, Video

Stars at Noon hits theaters and video on demand on October 14th and will begin streaming October 28th on Hulu!

Video: Danny on GMA3

Danny was a guest on GMA3 earlier today to talk about Look Both Ways, screen captures have been added into the photo gallery and you can watch the interview below if you missed it! Screen Captures > Television Appearances > August 28, 2022 | GMA3: What You Need to Know

Even More ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Press Interviews