THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTERDanny Ramirez, Ariela Barer, Tati Gabrielle and Spencer Lord have joined the HBO hit based on the video game series.
HBO is building out the cast for season two of The Last of Us.

The hit series based on the video game franchise has added four actors to its ensemble: Danny Ramirez, Ariela Barer, Tati Gabrielle and Spencer Lord. Their casting comes as the show is gearing up to begin production in the spring, for a likely 2025 premiere.

The four new additions to the cast join the previously announced Kaitlyn Dever, Isabela Merced, Young Mazino and Catherine O’Hara. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are set to return in their lead roles of Joel and Ellie.

The Last of Us is set in 20 years after modern civilization has been destroyed. Season one centered on Joel and Ellie’s journey out of a quarantine zone and across what’s left of the United States as they came to depend on each other for survival.

In season two, Ramirez (Top Gun: Maverick, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) will play Manny, a loyal soldier whose sunny outlook belies a fear that he’ll let his friends down. Barer (Runaways) will play Mel, a young doctor committed to saving lives amid war and tribalism. Gabrielle (You, The 100) plays Nora, a military medic struggling to come to terms with her past. Lord (Family Law) will play Owen, a gentle soul in a warrior’s body who’s fighting an enemy he refuses to hate.

The Last of Us is a co-production between HBO and Sony Pictures Television. Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (the creator of the TLOU game franchise) created the series and executive produce with Carolyn Strauss, Jacqueline Lesko, Cecil O’Connor, Asad Qizilbash, Carter Swan and Evan Wells.

Ramirez is repped by CAA, Anonymous Content, Viewpiont and Hansen Jacobson. Barer is repped by Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment, Verve and Felker Toczek. Gabrielle is repped by CAA, manager Deidre Graham and Attorney Darrell Milleof FoxRothschild. Lord is repped by RED Management.

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COMICBOOK.COMThe Marvel and Top Gun star opens up about his Super Bowl ad.
You may recognize Danny Ramirez for his role as Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (which he’ll reprise in the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World), or you may know him from playing “Fanboy” in Top Gun: Maverick. Or you might recognize Danny Ramirez from his Doritos Dinamitas Super Bowl commercial. Speaking with in an interview for the ad, Ramirez opened up about why this ad and the flavor he’s promoting meant so much to him.

“We were on set and I tried it for the first time. I had like flashbacks because it’s it tastes like authentically like these chips that I used to have, like, outside of soccer, like a soccer stadium in Lugano that, I mean, he go where my mom is from and they used to, like, grab these chips, they put them in a bag, they put spice and lime and they shake it up. And then as you eat it, it’s like dripping with spice and lime and you have it’s amazing. And I had never like, come across this flavor. And here I am, day one on set, and I’m like, All right, let me try it. Let me try this. And I had it and it instantly brought me back and I was like, I already have my favorite.”

He continued, “I don’t care how the rest tastes, none of them are going to bring me back down memory lane in the way that that these did. And so it was cool to like have that be the hero bag as well.”

Danny Ramirez Talks Captain America 4

Ramirez also had time in our chat about the Dinamitas to tease Captain America: Brave New World, and his co-star in the Marvel Studios movie, Harrison Ford. The Indiana Jones star takes on the role of General “Thunderbolt” Ross for the film, taking over a part previously played by the late William Hurt in earlier MCU movies.

“If anyone’s spicy, it’s that man. He shows up. He’s an unbelievable professional,” Ramirez smirked. “He’s obviously a legend, but he allows everyone to be themselves near him. He cracks jokes whenever he’s at. He’s attuned to the room, so he knows when to crack a joke, when not to, when to alleviate stress, when to. And so like, yeah, just seeing how you moved and operated in the space and some of the scenes were really there’s exciting to be a part of with Harrison and so yeah man it’s just one of those moments he’s my, my mom’s favorite actor. So when I realized he was going to be a part of, of it, I was like, well, I’ll be I’ll be the second favorite actor in this movie for my mom.”

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VARIETY – The 2024 Sundance Film Festival was essentially one giant reunion for the flyboys of “Top Gun: Maverick,” with Danny Ramirez, Glen Powell and Jay Ellis all starring in films playing the festival.

The trio trekked to Park City, UT just days after news broke that a third “Top Gun” movie was in the works at Paramount, and Ramirez told Variety that the cast’s group text — fittingly named with the emojis “up” and “gun” — had been “buzzing” with questions about what’s going on with the developing project.

“Obviously, it’d be amazing to be able to do a third film in this beautiful story. But, as we learned with the second one, it’s got to be absolutely right,” Ramirez said, noting the 30-year gap between the original “Top Gun” and “Maverick.”

“Being cognizant of that, we’re excited at the prospect of everyone back in the air,” he teased. “I’m having withdrawals. And also playing Falcon at the same time. Me and the skies…”

Between playing Lieutenant Mickey ‘Fanboy’ Garcia in the “Top Gun” franchise and as Joaquin Torres in the upcoming Marvel movie “Captain America: Brave New World,” where he officially takes up the superhero alter ego Falcon, Ramirez is spending a great deal of time flying high. But when he dropped by Adobe on Main at Sundance — where Variety led a series of conversations about the state of diversity in the film business — the actor was focused on a slightly more grounded project — Susanna Fogel’s “Winner,” about NSA contractor-turned-whistleblower Reality Winner.

Ramirez hadn’t heard of Winner before he was approached with the script, but he was intrigued by Fogel’s take on the ripped-from-the-headlines story. “I thought it was incredibly unique and fun,” he said, explaining why he signed on to the film, led by Emilia Jones. “There’s a complex moral question that we present: ‘At what point is it your responsibility to step in? And what does it mean to step in?’”

Read on — and watch the interview above — as Ramirez discusses the impact of representation in media and how he aims to pay that forward, plus he shares the best advice he’s gotten from Tom Cruise.

How many Sundances have you been to?
This is my second. [2018’s] “Assassination Nation” was my first. I shot the movie, became really close friends with Kelvin Harrison Jr.

We connected because our gameplan and why we’re here is to obviously represent our communities, not just as a color on the screen — as we’re so many times just viewed as, like some seasoning to somebody else’s story. We have to be an integral part of this change in the heart and soul of the films that we do. Kelvin’s a prime example of the avalanche that is formed when that becomes your North Star, just knowing that some little kid somewhere is going to watch you and their life’s going to change, which is what happened to me.

I got to see Riz Ahmed as a lead in this movie directed by Mira Nair, called “The Reluctant Fundamentalist.” I’m like, “What? I thought only white people were the lead in things.” I bought my first acting books the next day, and my life was incredibly changed. Being able to put yourself in someone that looks like you or has a similar background or upbringing can change the outlook of your whole life.

Have you gotten a chance to tell Riz that story?
Riz won an award for “Sound of Metal” and it was at an after-party. He had an award in his hand and I was a little tipsy, a little bold and I was like “Yo, Riz, you changed my life” and I told him the whole story.

What has it been like to have young actors and just young people in in the world be able to come up to you and and say the same thing?
The thing that blew my mind is when I did “On My Block.” I was in and out; it was fun, but I didn’t think much about it. But the trickle effect that, that had: kids reaching out, saying “I’m doing class presentations on you,” and why I embody what they want to do for the rest of their life. I just remember thinking, “Who did I write my essays about?” My college essays were about heroes that I had. And I was like, “Wait, what? Some little kid somewhere is seeing themselves through what I’ve done.”

The volume on that conversation gets even louder when then you are in a movie like “Top Gun.” What is it like to be in these huge blockbusters and bring representation on that level as well?
I talked about that a lot with Jay Ellis and Greg Tarzan Davis, specifically, because one of the biggest blessings also being in like elite circles with the most brilliant minds in storytelling, is that you’re then endowed with all this knowledge that this small little group has, and they pass it down. So someone like Tom [Cruise], he is so accessible. If I have a pitch deck, I send it to him, he’s the first one to send me notes. Having that access then becomes a responsibility. My next step as a filmmaker is to be able to take that same knowledge that I’m learning and being able to pass it down, because experience is sometimes everything. So, Jay, Greg and I just talked about how privileged we’ve been, and how we can then pass on all these golden nuggets that were being given through — whether it’s Julius Onah in “Captain America”, or Joe Kosinski or Chris McQuarrie — we have access to some insanely unbelievable minds.

What is the best note that Tom Cruise has ever given you about one of your films or a pitch deck?
It’s a sports-hybrid-heist film, and within this pitch deck, there’s a line around speed and its proximity to death. He was like, “I love this pitch deck. Can I send it around to a couple people?” I was like, “Absolutely.” He’s like, “I challenge one thing” — and then this is the most Tom Cruise thing to say as well — “The more skilled you are, speed actually becomes a window. It’s not not so much like how close you are to death, but more so an opportunity.” [That note] changed the perspective of this character, and what the film is about; it’s no longer about riding the closeness to catastrophe, but rather speed representing an opportunity. If anyone knows speed, obviously it’s Tom.

Audiences are very excited for “Captain America.” What are you most excited for people to see?
A lot! There’s some phenomenal sequences. The way Julius works and how he structures and layers his characters and films — “Luce” is a phenomenal example of that — like the little hidden gems he places from the score, to different elements of sound, to how he plays with some lenses. I’m excited for the entire experience, but specifically there’s one sequence that we shot, that I haven’t sene yet, but I’ve heard a lot of really great things.

How did you adjust to being in the Falcon suit?
[Shooting in] Atlanta, in the summer, during a 90-degree day is tough. It was insane.

Did Anthony Mackie give you any advice?
I learned by the end to follow his lead on his suit prep, so maybe not double-sleeve everything. Do the cut off.

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DEADLINE – Danny Ramirez is no stranger to high-flying action and intense drama, having already left his mark in the global sensation that was Top Gun: Maverick and Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now, Ramirez is set to reprise his role as Joaquin Torres, a former US Air Force member who takes on the mantle of the Falcon from Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, in the eagerly anticipated Captain America: Brave New World, under the direction of Julius Onah.

As Ramirez, and the rest of the crew, head for reshoots on Brave New World, Ramirez has been speaking with Collider’s Maggie Boccella about his excitement at returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and hailed both Onah and Mackie for their abilities as the two captains of the ship.

Yeah, I’m excited to be a part of it and to work with Julius Onah on this one and, the rest of the creative team with Anthony [Mackie]. Any time that you spend with great creatives, I think is like, what’s better than that?

Asked if the way he approaches the character of Joaquin Torres was different to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which, although big-budget Marvel series, was still shot for television instead of the big screen, Ramirez admitted the approach remained the same. Ramirez credits his experience on Top Gun: Maverick with preparing him for the demands of the MCU, emphasizing the authenticity required in portraying physically demanding roles.

“No, I think the importance of the character was really spoken to me really early on, even before the show, and so the trajectory is an exciting one,” he admitted. “I think nothing changes in preparation. I shot them both…I shot the show after [Top Gun: Maverick], and so, I think there is so much that Top Gun taught me in regards to…obviously stunts, and the story and the blood, sweat, and tears that you leave on set and what you see in the frame.”

“So many of those moments, in order to play, you’ve realised like, “OK, for this really intense moment to play, this energy has to be expelled no matter what.” You can’t fake that. You can’t, like, pretend you’re like, sweating and like, huffing and puffing. Like there comes a time that, like, you actually have to do it.”

Who is Joaquin Torres in the Marvel Comics?

Joaquin Torres is a character in Marvel Comics who becomes the second Falcon, after Sam Wilson, who eventually takes up the mantle of Captain America. Joaquin Torres was introduced in “Captain America: Sam Wilson” #1 in 2015, created by writer Nick Spencer and artist Daniel Acuña.

In the comics, Joaquin is a Mexican-American teenager from Arizona who is kidnapped by the Sons of the Serpent, a supremacist group. He is then experimented on by Dr. Karl Malus, using Sam Wilson’s (the original Falcon) pet falcon Redwing’s DNA, which results in Joaquin undergoing a permanent transformation, gaining bird-like abilities including wings that grant him the power of flight, as well as enhanced strength and vision. After his transformation, Torres becomes the protégé of Sam Wilson, adopting the Falcon mantle to fight alongside him. His character represents a younger generation of heroes committed to social justice and fighting oppression.

Captain America: Brave New World will be released in theaters on February 14, 2025.

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Sneak peek at this year’s Doritos Super Bowl Commercial featuring Danny and Jenna Ortega!

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USA TODAY – Jenna Ortega won’t have to face the unknowns that await in the Doritos Dinamita Super Bowl commercial alone, with fans getting a glimpse of the rising star set to join the “Wednesday” actress.

In the latest installment of the Frito-Lay brand’s Super Bowl teases, the suspense and questions about what’s ahead in the full spot continue as Ortega wanders through an empty grocery store.

She calls out, “Dina?”… Mita?”… before exiting to a scene of pure imagination-fueled speculation.

Helicopters and sirens can be heard in the background as she pauses and stares in disbelief.

And while fans will have to hold for the camera to make a one-eighty and unveil what has Jenna so perplexed, the tension to find out who will join her on the small screen is over.

In an exclusive reveal to USA TODAY Ad Meter, Doritos Dinamita has released stills of its co-star for the Super Bowl 58 commercial: actor Danny Ramirez.

Like Ortega’s career arc, Ramirez is on the rise. His work on “Top Gun: Maverick” as Fanboy and in the Disney+ series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” as Joaquin Torres has created an upward ascent toward stardom.

Now, he’ll add his first Super Bowl commercial appearance to the resume—for a brand that’s been an A-list advertiser for decades.

“This commercial was an absolute blast to film,” said Ramirez in a statement. “Being able to work alongside some of the best in the industry was really special. Everyone from the cast and crew brought their best and for an absolutely insane action-packed Super Bowl spot. Fans got no idea what dinamita chaos is coming for them.”

This marks the 24th year for Doritos in the Big Game advertising lineup, which has included Ad Meter-winning campaigns in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

In recent years, the brand has been at the forefront of upping the creative before revealing the full Super Bowl spot, pointing the spotlight on teasers that have helped drive the story to Super Bowl Sunday.

Will the combined talent of Ramirez and Ortega make it Ad Meter win No. 4?

Stay tuned as the spicy pursuit continues toward a break in the action in Vegas.

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Danny was in attendance for the Opening Night Gala in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday night, as well as on the carpet for the world premiere of Winner this afternoon. Photos from both events have been added into the gallery!

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