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‘Winner’ To Premiere at Sundance
December 6, 2023   Danny Ramirez, Press, Projects, Winner

The film is set to premiere at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival in January. Read the official synopsis below: Reality Winner is a brilliant young misfit from a Texas border town who finds her morals challenged while serving as an NSA contractor. A sarcastic, gun-lovin, vegan, yogi, and CrossFit fanatic, Reality is an unconventional whistleblower […]

‘Chestnut’ Official Trailer
September 21, 2023   Chestnut, Danny Ramirez, Projects, Video

‘Chestnut’ to Have Premiere at NewFest
September 15, 2023   Chestnut, Danny Ramirez, Projects

The romantic drama co-starring Natalia Dyer and Rachel Keller will have its New York film premiere at the LGBTQ+ Film Festival next month. There will be a virtual screening on October 12th, and an in-person screening on October 18th in Theater 1 at Nitehawk Prospect Park at 7:30pm local time, with a Q&A to follow. […]

‘Black Mirror’ Stars Zazie Beetz, Danny Ramirez on the Tragedy and Monstrosities Behind “Mazey Day”

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – In Black Mirror’s “Mazey Day,” creator Charlie Brooker stretches his genre muscles while taking audiences to a more familiar kind of dystopic nightmare. The story stars Zazie Beetz and Danny Ramirez as Bo and Hector, respectively, two paparazzi photographers who find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Bo has stepped back […]

Photos: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6

Episode stills and screen captures from episode 4 of Black Mirror have been added into the photo gallery. Television Productions > 2023 | Black Mirror > Episode Stills Television Productions > 2023 | Black Mirror > 6.04 – Mazey Day

Video: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Official Trailer

Season 6 of Black Mirror streams June 15th on Netflix.

5 ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Titles Revealed

Netflix released five episode titles for the sixth season of Black Mirror. “Mazey Day” follows a troubled star (Zazie Beets) who’s being dogged by invasive paparazzi while dealing with the consequences of a hit-and-run incident.

Video: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Teaser

Netflix just released the teaser trailer for the sixth season of Black Mirror, which Danny will be appearing in its first episode. The 6th season is due to stream in June.

Photos: ‘Root Letter’ and ‘Stars at Noon’ Captures

I have added screen captures from both Root Letter and Stars at Noon into the photo gallery. Enjoy! Film Productions > 2022 | Root Letter > Captures Film Productions > 2022 | Stars at Noon > Captures