May 7, 2021   admin   Comments Off on ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ Stars On Infusing Their Personal Style into Their Stunts Danny Ramirez, Projects, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

MARVEL – When Danny Ramirez sat down with director Kari Skogland and co-executive producer Zoie Nagelhout, the two creatives asked him what he wanted to see in his character Joaquin Torres.

Ramirez shared, “I got to do a bunch of fun little things, like flipping over the security guard in Episode 1. They thought they were going to have the double do it, but I was, ‘No, no, let me jump in and do it.”

“It was so cool to learn that last-minute little hand-to-hand combat, jump over the guard, and do a little tuck and roll,” added Ramirez. “It was something I definitely wanted to do, incorporating my athletic background into Joaquin because there’s just something about how people move in stunts that reveals how they operate in a space. It was very lovely they let me do it, which led to me creating this moment that wasn’t in the script. After Joaquin tucks and rolls, it was this hesitation of trying to speak to them to say sorry in German, which created a little character nuance. He flips this guard with his agility, apologizes in a different language, and then carries forward. It gave a little extra dimension because I was able to do that roll.”

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