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USA TODAY – Jenna Ortega won’t have to face the unknowns that await in the Doritos Dinamita Super Bowl commercial alone, with fans getting a glimpse of the rising star set to join the “Wednesday” actress.

In the latest installment of the Frito-Lay brand’s Super Bowl teases, the suspense and questions about what’s ahead in the full spot continue as Ortega wanders through an empty grocery store.

She calls out, “Dina?”… Mita?”… before exiting to a scene of pure imagination-fueled speculation.

Helicopters and sirens can be heard in the background as she pauses and stares in disbelief.

And while fans will have to hold for the camera to make a one-eighty and unveil what has Jenna so perplexed, the tension to find out who will join her on the small screen is over.

In an exclusive reveal to USA TODAY Ad Meter, Doritos Dinamita has released stills of its co-star for the Super Bowl 58 commercial: actor Danny Ramirez.

Like Ortega’s career arc, Ramirez is on the rise. His work on “Top Gun: Maverick” as Fanboy and in the Disney+ series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” as Joaquin Torres has created an upward ascent toward stardom.

Now, he’ll add his first Super Bowl commercial appearance to the resume—for a brand that’s been an A-list advertiser for decades.

“This commercial was an absolute blast to film,” said Ramirez in a statement. “Being able to work alongside some of the best in the industry was really special. Everyone from the cast and crew brought their best and for an absolutely insane action-packed Super Bowl spot. Fans got no idea what dinamita chaos is coming for them.”

This marks the 24th year for Doritos in the Big Game advertising lineup, which has included Ad Meter-winning campaigns in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

In recent years, the brand has been at the forefront of upping the creative before revealing the full Super Bowl spot, pointing the spotlight on teasers that have helped drive the story to Super Bowl Sunday.

Will the combined talent of Ramirez and Ortega make it Ad Meter win No. 4?

Stay tuned as the spicy pursuit continues toward a break in the action in Vegas.

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